A lovingly tended
vegetable garden!

A handmade garden with lots of love! An organic garden full of fruits and vegetables, eggs, herbs, flowers and other natural products such as fibers to use as twine, twigs and leaves for decoration, essential oils… a way to always bring nature closer to us!

Inspired by the principles of Permaculture and Agroforestry, we create a harmonious environment that tries to balance all the forces of nature. An edible garden that is also a place to welcome people (and, of course, pets!)… A place to be, to feel, to breathe… to live…

In producing, we maintain our garden as an ecosystem, a micro-climate, where butterflies, lizards, frogs, bees and birds, but also where the least desired, have a unique function. In fact, we try to imitate nature so that over the years this system becomes self-sustaining, requiring less energy consumption and bringing a higher return.

We believe our soil is a living organism that needs to be nourished and naturally cherished. Moles, worms and chickens play a role in nature and do in our garden what they can best do by fertilizing and tunneling to provide air and water to the roots of plants. Instead of tilling the soil, we create soil by adding organic matter and composting it from the green waste that the garden and kitchen produce.

Weeding is our harvest! Nothing is lost and all that green energy is reinvested and recycled into new forms and applications.

In our garden we try to create cycles. Interconnecting and intermingling cycles. We collect seeds to reproduce, making stronger plants better adapted to our soil conditions and climate. These plants will produce better quality fruits and will offer us again the possibility of storing your magic seeds… a stable and balanced cycle… sustainable!

We look forward to your visit in our Organic Garden…. Come and Embrace Nature with us and feel the Earth with your own hands! Share our dream of turning this edible forest into a magical garden!