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A lovingly tended vegetable garden! An organic garden rich in fruit and vegetables, eggs, aromatic herbs, flowers and many other natural products we use in the hotel: fibrous plants for bindings; leaves and stalks for use in the décor; essential oils … A way to bring Nature ever closer to us.

Inspired by the principles of permaculture and agroforestry, we are endeavouring to create a harmonious environment that brings together all the forces of nature in a perfect balance. An edible garden that welcomes people (and, of course, little creatures!) … A Place to BE, to Feel, to Breathe… to Live …

As we cultivate our crops, we are ever mindful that our garden is its own ecosystem - “a micro climate” where butterflies, lizards, frogs, bees and birds (as well as other less attractive members of the animal kingdom!) all have a place and a function. In fact, we are trying to imitate Nature itself so that, over a period of years, it will become an efficient, self-sustaining system, requiring the least amount of energy input to achieve the maximum output.

We treat our soil as a living organism, needing to be fed and nurtured. Moles, worms and chickens play their part in Nature and do what they are good at - fertilising the earth and digging tunnels to supply the air and water required to nourish the roots of our plants. Instead of rotovating, we create new soil by adding organic matter and making compost from the green waste produced in the garden and the kitchen.

Weeding is our harvest! Nothing is lost and all that green energy is reinvested and recycled into new forms and applications.

In our garden we try to create cycles. Cycles that intersect and support each other. We harvest the seeds to sow them next season and reproduce stronger, healthier plants that are better adapted to our soil and environment. These plants will then bear better quality fruits that will in turn give us their magical seeds … a stable, balanced, sustainable cycle!

We look forward to your visit to our Organic Vegetable Garden … EMBRACE nature with us, feel the earth between your fingers! Share our dream of transforming this edible forest into a Magical Garden!

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