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Please note that our Villas have several floors (the areas are connected in open space) and a very specific architecture. As a result, they can present some difficulties and dangers with regard to children’s supervision and mobility. They are also not suitable for people with limited mobility. Please note that the swimming pool is unfenced and is not appropriate for children who cannot swim. The SPA area is reserved for those who are over the age of 16.

As a prevention measure for Coronavirus, we have established several temporary measures to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. Hence, your stay will be slightly different than the usual. Know more about it here

Guests staying at Villas/Townhouses can only access the hotel main building through either SPA or Restaurant reservation. Hotel access is reserved for guests over 16 years old. Check-in will take place at the Villa or Townhouse and breakfast will be delivered to your house at 8.30 a.m.

Our Villas and Townhouses do not have air-conditioning. Our attitude towards sustainability makes us appreciate pure and fresh air, hence, we give preference to different climatization systems. To heat up rooms and main building, through radiant floors, we use geothermal energy which takes advantage of the Earth’s internal temperature. At the Villas/Townhouses we use aerothermal energy (heat pumps which exploit the thermic air energy). We also have fireplaces and firewood stoves. The solar panels’ energy is channelled to the infinity pool (from April to September) and to domestic hot waters. To cool down we have fans available and large windows which let the Atlantic breeze get inside.

Know more about the hotel services and accommodation HERE.