Gold Rooms

RATE FROM € 395,00

The five GOLD Rooms transport you to a secret world of colour, texture and sensation, with the dunes and the sea as backdrop.

With their seductive decor, the rooms are bathed in an ethereal glow that touches the Soul and stimulates the senses. Common features include: log fireplaces, bathtubs, rainfall showers and wooden terraces where, with the garden at your feet, you can enjoy the stunning sunsets or look up and wait for the arrival of the stars.

- Log fireplace
- Wooden terrace
- Bathtub

Alert! Our Rooms do not have air-conditioning. Our attitude towards sustainability makes us appreciate pure and fresh air, hence, we give preference to different climatization systems. To heat up rooms and main building we use geothermal energy - through radiant floors, which takes advantage of the Earth’s internal temperature. We also have fireplaces and firewood stoves. To cool down we have fans available and large windows which let the Atlantic breeze get inside.

Age policy: children under 16 years old are only allowed to stay in VILLAS. The access to Areias do Seixo Hotel’s SPA and pool is reserved for guests over 16 years old.

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