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Lake's Shelter



available soon

For family and friends to slow down surrounded by Nature...

A ticket that will transport you to faraway places… Where time seems to stop…  A fascinating scenario - cosy and exclusive. A lake house that will enchant everyone.

Allow yourselves to feel the surrounding Nature with everything you have… No walls between you and the world... Tune in to the mystic chanting frogs, the birds' morning lullaby, the breeze that blows softly through the cane field, and the crashing waves far at the back… Set sail on this unique sensory journey, in a charm tent, where we switched off (almost) everything but the sounds of Nature.

- Charm tent 
- Maximum occupancy of 4 people
- One queen-size bed
- Two twin-size bed
- Bathroom with shower
- Firewood stove
- Exclusive Access Zone
- Outdoor wooden deck over the lake
- Bicycles
- 24-hour room service
- Alarm system
- Private safe at reception

Tune in to the mystic chanting frogs
the birds' morning lullaby
the breeze that blows softly through the cane field
and the crashing waves far at the back…

The Lake Shelter is a place to share authentic moments, disconnected from the outside-busy world. Thereafter, it does not have internet access nor air conditioning. As a way of being we cherish fresh-pure air and human relations. Following our sustainability policy, we privilege a differentiated acclimatization system: for domestic water heating we use solar energy, supported by heat pumps; for heating the tent there is a fireplace and a fan heater; for cooling, the same fan can be used, although we recommend a much more efficient method, to open the windows and let the Atlantic breeze comfort you…

As a prevention measure for Coronavirus, we have established several temporary measures to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. Hence, your stay will be slightly different than the usual. Know more about it here .

Age Policy: the access to Areias do Seixo Hotel’s SPA is for guests over 16 years old.