New Year's Eve 2022


Welcome a new year with an immersion of love, nature, and peace...

… With a RETREAT for TWO... In this magical place of charm, simplicity, joy, and pure Energy!

Walk among cliffs, pine trees, dunes, and rocks... Feel the comfort of a relaxing bath with the Atlantic Ocean as a background and snuggle yourself by the fireplace to enjoy a special dinner prepared with Love… Taste it slowly… With a glass of wine…

Come celebrate 2023 in a wellness REFUGE nestled by the sea!


30th December | FRIDAY

On arrival

Welcoming Tea & Homemade Cake

7pm | Circle of fire

Warmed by the Bonfire... Feel a guitar fulfilling your Soul. Together we Toast to LIFE! Live happy moments. Do not postpone it. NOW is the perfect time!

31st December | SATURDAY

10am | Yoga

Immerse yourself in a deep connection between body and mind with this ancient practice that provides a physical and spiritual state of well-being.

4pm | From Garden to Tea

On a walk around the garden, between colours, aromas, textures, and flavours, collect some herbs to your tea. On the way back, these will be blended and infused into a delicious herbal tea, for you to enjoy by the fireplace, with a warm-freshly-baked cake.


Get together

It’s time to gather in the warmth of the fire in the last hours of the last day of the year. Contemplating the stars... We are grateful for LIFE!

Dinner in a Bedroom with Soul

EMBRACE 2023 closely with someone special, in a BEDROOM with SOUL, lit up by candles, warmed by the fireplace. We prepare your table for a magical DINNER in your BEDROOM, for a peaceful, unforgettable, and happy NEW YEAR'S EVE. A one-way ticket to distant places... Look into each other's eyes, hug tightly, make a wish for 2023.


1st January | SUNDAY

10am | Yoga

Start the first morning of the year breathing in the peace of nature and breathing out pure positive energy with this invigorating practice!

At Noon | Dirty Hands

Join us at the Vegetable Garden on the 1st day of the year... A brand-new year, ready to write new stories... Plant your wishes for 2023 with us.


All the activities mentioned above are included in your stay and are free to all guests, but subject to changes and/or cancellation, depending on weather conditions. 

The activities ‘Yoga’, ‘From Garden to Tea’ and ‘Dirty Hands’ are subject to reservation of at least 2 people until 6pm of the day before.

Your stay also includes


Without APPOINTMENT… Taste HAPPINESS, Taste LOVE… natural juices, bread, homemade cakes, and jams!


To enjoy a two-wheel ride, just take a deep breath and soak up nature!

Strolling amongst the Dunes 

Feel the Winter Sun and let yourself be slowly lulled by the sound of the waves! Breathe in all the nooks and crannies of the Nature, the Land... with the Atlantic at your feet...


Abhyanga Massage

Traditional, vigorous, and intense Indian Ayurvedic massage (‘veda’ means science and ‘ayur’ means life). It re-establishes the balance of the physical body, energy levels, emotions, and the mind (60 minutes - 90€).

‘My Love’ Ritual

Preparation of a Jacuzzi bath in your room with floral extracts and tasty treats, followed by a relaxing Floral Soul Massage for two at our SPA with Lavender and Jasmine Essences (90 minutes - 195€).

Room Ritual for Two

Preparation of a Jacuzzi bath in your room with floral extracts. (30 minutes - 45€).

Click here to see our Spa Menu.


Prices are per night, per room, for two people, with breakfast, New Year’s Eve dinner in the room, activities and VAT included.

Minimum two nights stay required.


Friday, 30th of December | 495,00 €

Saturday, 31st of December | 845,00 €



Friday, 30th of December | 350,00 €

Saturday, 31st of December | 700,00 €


Full payment is required until 15th December. For cancellations until 15th December, full amount will be reimbursed. After 16th December, in case of cancellation, no reimbursement will be done.


Tel.: +351 261 936 355 | Email:

Breathe deeply and feel the tranquillity of this Sanctuary in the middle of Nature...

Pure pleasure experienced with five senses!

Fill yourself with Happiness... only HERE and NOW matters.

Celebrate LIFE with us!