The hotel is a product of a dream, of a strong desire to create a space overlooking the sea, that could welcome people from all over the world, that raises emotions and touches people’s hearts ...

The building and the concept itself were developed with great environmental awareness, to achieve harmonious integration. The key concern was - and will always be - to cause the lowest environmental impact possible, while playing an awareness-raising role among those who visit.

A space that uses principles of sustainable tourism

based on energy efficiency, renewable energies and use of natural resources.

Waste management is primarily about reducing, then reusing and finally recycling.

In the kitchen we try to buy large and returnable packaging. Also, to privilege local suppliers.

The organic waste is sent back to the composting center to produce a natural fertilizer to feed the farmland healthily.

At the Garden clean and chemical-free fruits, vegetables and herbs grow daily, giving a unique and healthy flavor to the dishes created in the restaurant. And guests are invited to activities such as 'From Grarden to Plate'.