Pack In my Element - 4 nights

Find your center, your most natural self, your ELEMENT

...Alone, as a couple or with friends... For those who wish to relax, disconnect from the World and be with themselves.


4 nights

1st day

· Welcome tea with homemade cake
· Abhyanga massage, Indian Ayurvedic medicine practice… restore your balance... physical, energetic, emotional, mental... body and mind! In the end, warm up your soul by enjoying our tea at the Relaxation Room
· Preparation of jacuzzi bath in the room
· Vegan Dinner … every day the Chef prepares, with Love, a sensory journey of smells, colors and flavors… light, healthy and rebalancing! Taste the vegetables and aromatics that grow on the Organic Garden!

2nd day

· Yoga, postures and conscious breathing, a relaxing moment
· Shirodara treatment with Abhyanga massage... Feel the divine union, with body, mind and spirit relaxing deeply. Enjoy a body massage followed by Shiro-dhara treatment. A strong combination of therapeutic power
· Vegan dinner in a candlelit Soul room...We will prepare and enchant your Room for a memorable dinner for two

3rd day

· From garden to plate …come pick herbs and vegetables from our garden and cook your light and healthy lunch with our Chef… Enjoy!
· Oriental Fusion massage... "Shiatsu (traditional Japanese massage) and Thai Massage (traditional Thai massage), together, in a dance that opens energy channels, promoting vital circulation. Through deep pressures and stretches throughout the body, feel emotional and physical tension’s relief, and the increasing of both muscle and joint flexibility. It promotes, liberates and boosts a sense of freedom." 
· Vegan dinner … every day the Chef prepares, with Love, a journey of smells, colors and flavors… light, healthy and rebalancing! Taste the vegetables and aromatics that grow on the Organic Garden!

4th day

· Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls... Produces sound vibrations that work on our body, causing a sense of deep relaxation. The effect of the pure vibrations takes us to a state of heightened awareness, peace and harmony.
· Picnic Basket for two... And why not indulge in a picnic in the nooks and crannies of the Areias do Seixo? A Unique Setting for an unforgettable very romantic moment
· Vegan Dinner… at the Garden's Dome, followed by a Cinema session. Breathe in Nature and Feel nestled in this unique setting

5th day

· Yoga, postures and conscious breathing, a relaxing moment
· Walk around the garden with us… come and taste our Organic Garden… bring a sprig of herbs for a delicious tea and take it home with you to remember Areias do Seixo's flavors… bring Nature closer to you!
· Farewell gift made in Areias do Seixo


Total package, 4 nights, 1 room for 2 people:

· LOVE Room - 3.950 €
· TREE / LAND Room - 3.350 €

Total Package, 4 nights, 1 room for 1 person:

· LOVE Room - 2.990 €
· TREE / LAND Room - 2.470 €


This package is subject to Areias do Seixo Hotel’s general availability and offers in force.
This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions, offers or special conditions in force.
Package not valid in July nor August.
The prices are in Euros and include taxes and services.
Age policy: children under 16 years old are not allowed to stay in Hotel Rooms.
Cancellation policy: reservations may be cancelled or changed until 14 days before the date of arrival, without additional charges. Any cancellation/change made with less than 14 days before arrival, implies the charge of the nights corresponding to half of the stay (minimum charge one night) as a cancellation fee. In case of a no-show or early departure, the full amount of the reservation will be charged.
Pets policy: only assistance dogs are allowed.

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