Pines' Shelter

Where LOVE meets Nature

Give yourself time to feel everything around you with everything you have.

No walls between you and the world.

A unique sensorial journey in a charm tent into the pine forest…

Wake up to the sound of birds singing.

Delight yourselves with a fresh-homemade breakfast on the top of the dunes...

... just you, the golden sand and the bluest ocean… take your time...

To start the day with serenity and peace of mind...

Join a yoga class, or perhaps get a massage...

Then it's time to grab the bicycles

And set out to discover the mesmerizing cliffs along the coast.

Once back, you must be hungry!

Good! Because we have prepared a lovely picnic.

You notice a scent of lavender mixed with salty air.

After that, a bath would feel just about right ...

... either on the outside shower, or inside on the beautiful brass bathtub.

You rest and get nestled on the cocoon-shaped-hammock.

Oh... it feels so safe!

It's now dinner o'clock ... and it smells delicious.

A heavenly table sets on a wooden deck, beneath the pine trees.

You are so relaxed…

Time to light up the firewood stove and get warm.

Why don't you read that book you've been wanting to for so long?

The crackling wood makes you wonder…

And you fall asleep to the sound of the sweet ocean's lullaby.

Slow down in the company of Nature.