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Blue Superior Villas

Villas Blue Superior

Rates from € 990

Experience the seductive cosiness and its magical elements...

Enjoy spacious and airy rooms… Feel the comfort, the seduction, and the magic of its elements… the contrast between rusticity and urbanity, where timber, stone, glass, copper, and burnt cement prevail… The Atlantic Ocean as background.

Villas Blue Superior boast large rooms, an outdoor swimming pool (heated by solar panels between May and September), and a rooftop with a spectacular view over the sea, sand dunes and pine trees. On the interior, a living room with fireplace, and a fully equipped kitchen. Maximum occupancy: 6 or 8 people.

- Three or four bedrooms with bathrooms (with sea view or garden/pool view)
- Twin and Queen size beds
- Living room with fireplace with access to both terrace and pool (heated by solar panels between May and September)
- Fully equipped kitchen and dining area
- Rooftop
- Total area (interiors): 215 - 221 m2
- Pool area: 40 - 56 m2

The contrast between rusticity and urbanity 

Villas Blue Superior are independent houses located across the street from the Hotel’s main building. However, you can contact the reception whenever you need something. These are the best choice for family and friends (for couples, we recommend our Hotel rooms!)


You can also stay with us, on a long term stay, at the Villas / Townhouses. Know everything about it HERE.


Please note that Villas Blue Superior have several floors (the areas are connected through open space / floating staircases) and a very specific architecture. As a result, it can present some difficulties and dangers for children’ supervision and mobility. The swimming pool is unfenced and it is not appropriate for children who cannot swim. Nevertheless, it is equipped with an automatic articulated floating cover. When closed, the water is completely covered, providing a safer environment for children. The SPA is reserved for people over 16 years old.

As a prevention measure for Coronavirus, we have established several temporary measures to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. Hence, your stay will be slightly different than the usual. Know more about it here

The Villas do not have air-conditioning. Our spirit, first, cherishes the pure air! Following our sustainability policy, we privilege an alternative heating and cooling system. Therefore, our acclimatization system uses geothermal energy, to heat and cool the floors, taking advantage of the Earth’s internal temperature. As it is a passive acclimatization solution, its efficiency is not instant, reason why we always have fresh air fans available to place in the rooms.

Know more about the hotel services and accommodation HERE .