Dinner in a Room with Soul

Give yourself up to LOVE in a candlelit bedroom imbued with SOUL... We will prepare and enchant your Room for a memorable dinner for TWO...

On Arrival

Sparkling Wine 3B Filipa Pato, Bairrada


Rustic Bread, Focaccia, Butter & Moura Olive Oil (VG)

To Start

(one option per person)

Atlantic Bonito, Beetroot & Hondashi (GF, DF)
Pine Nut Vichyssoise, Turnip Terrine & Radishes (V, GF, DF)
Quail Tom Kha Gai & Rose Shrimp (GF, DF)
Spider Crab Roti, Green Crab Bisque & Sourgrass

Main Courses

(one option per person)

Turbot's "Caldeirada" & Jerusalem Artichoke (GF)
Corvina, Nettles Cream & Marrow Sauce
Deer, Gnocchi, Madeira Sauce & Wild Mushrooms
Pork from Alcobaça, Potatoes from Lourinhã, Fennel & Orange (GF, DF)
Stewed Peas, Roasted Topinambur & Herbs from our Garden (V, DF, GF)
Mushrooms Cabidela (V, DF, GF)


(one option per person)

Grilled Lemon & Eucalyptus Sorbet (VG)
Alcobaça Apple, Lavender & Vanilla Ice Cream (VG)


(one wine option)

White Wine Quinta do Rol Sauvignon Blanc, Lisboa
Rosé Wine Quinta da Boa Esperança, Lisboa
Red Wine Vale da Capucha, Lisboa

Mineral Water, Herbal Infusion & Coffee

VG Vegetarian | V Vegan | GF Gluten Free | DF Dairy Free

Price per person: 95€

Note: All taxes included.