VILLAS - Real Estate

These fantastic villas, blending a hippy-chic atmosphere with a techno-ecological lifestyle, are part of the Areias do Seixo. In 2010, a charming and uniquely sensuous hotel opened here, teeming with wonderful details that touch the soul. This hotel warmly embraces nature and is immersed in a unique environment. 


- Double-glazed, toughened, low emission planitherm glass windows and aluminium frames equipped with thermal breaks;
- Electric under-floor heating and cooling system, using a high energy-efficiency Buderus/Vulcano aero-thermal heat pump;
- Basement garage with two parking spaces, technical area and storage space;
- Heated swimming pool with high energy-efficiency aero-thermal heat pump;
- Polished concrete walls and floors with double coatings of CIN varnish;
- Grey-coloured rendered walls using CIN Velasil (natural paint);
- Walls, decking and doors in ThermoWood pine (from certified forests);
- Electrical appliances by Biticinio;
- Solar panels by Vulcano;
- Fireplace by Kal-fire;
- Fitted kitchen by AEG;
- Focus barbecue;
- Taps by Lineare & Allure da Grohe;
- Bathrooms by Sanindusa, Advance Range.