An overarching principle of sustainability is adopted throughout the construction of the residences. This emphasises the following areas: local sustainable development, the selection of materials with low environmental impact, waste management, energy efficiency and efficient water consumption. Important commitments made in the sustainable construction of Areias do Seixo II:

Construction and demolition waste – forwarded to an authorised waste management company (

Hygiene, health and safety measures adopted by site workers.

Materials and local suppliers – the project involves mainly local suppliers (over 90%). Most building materials, such as bricks, stone, gravel and concrete, are locally sourced.

Selection of natural materials – opting to choose materials which require shorter manufacturing processes, such as stone, thermally-treated wood, cork and concrete, among others


Solar control glass and thermal efficiency:
- Thermal insulation using a system of cork cladding – a highly efficient natural Portuguese product.
- Abundant natural light – the positioning of the residences is designed, in architectural terms, to allow maximum usage of natural light and to enhance    energy performance.
- The glazing of the residences is highly efficient, boasting high-performance coatings to ensure solar control and at the same time avoid heat loss (SGG LITE COOL-SKN154 – thermal transmission U-value of 1 W / (m2 / K).
- Aluminium window frames with elevated tracks and thermal breaks - guaranteeing excellent performance and insulation.
- Green roofs – installation of roofs planted with native species which complement    other means of thermal insulation and ensure the architecture blends in with the surrounding area.

Thermal solar panels
Due to Portugal’s excellent climate and the amount of sunshine it gets, solar panels cover 6m2 of the roof of each residence.

The air conditioning (HVAC) 
System is via reversible air-to-water heat pumps (Buderus Logatherm WPL 25) with a COP of 4.19. 

Efficient light sources
use of LED technology or equivalent.

Centralized light management
installation of automated controls for light management and window roller blinds.


Supply to the residences for watering gardens
Development of system based on recovery and storage of spring water and rain water, as well as surplus irrigation water

Installation of dual-flushing system for toilets.

High energy efficiency level washing machines and dishwashers
guaranteeing lower water consumption in litres per item washed.

Installation of flow reducers, in order to reduce water consumption without compromising comfort.


The residences are equipped with various recycling bins for waste separation
All packaging (paper/cardboard, glass, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics), organic waste and cooking oils. These are collected from each residence daily and taken to communal recycling banks.

Organic waste
is sent to the composting unit at the Areias do Seixo Hotel. The resulting organic compost, free from chemical additives, is used as a natural fertiliser on the plots in the Hotel’s organic kitchen garden.

The recycling/reutilisation programme
of the Areias do Seixo Hotel for materials such as batteries, fluorescent lighting and light bulbs also includes the residences.